Yep,those are Tom’s bare feet on hot coals.  This is the second of three fire walks, early eighties.

About the Author, Thomas Wakefield

We thought you might enjoy some of the photos from over time.

A head shot from back in the Hollywood day, just a moment ago.

Tuxedo, 2005


Tom & April the cat - 2006

Three Fly Buddies

SCUBA - Caribbean - 2005

Water is Happiness

Rocky Mountain Flying

Golden, Colorado, USA, 1999

Tom is one of life’s cheerleaders.  You will hear him say often life is astounding and incredibly awesome.  “I do not understand how anyone can possibly become bored, there is so much with which to play!”

Tom has range, rock and roll to opera, backyard barbecue and sushi.

Tom’s first job was delivering pizzas.  Except we must go back some years to the first time Tom hitchhiked west to Grandfather Fred’s farm near Hatfield, Minnesota the day after school let out for the summer.

This was the routine for several summers which contrasted life in the suburb of manicured lawns, Edina, Minnesota.  Tom will tell you these were happy times.  Driving field tractors, animals everywhere, taking things apart and putting them back together, things like whole engines.

Live in Awe!”

Thomas Wakefield

Living on Grandfather Fred’s farm was a lot of, stay up as late as you can and early to rise for one dollar a day, six days a week, with room and board for pay.  Grandma’s cooking was the best and particularly her peanut butter cookies.  Tom learned to drive almost everything with wheels by the age of 12.  At summers end, back to the institutional reality of school and suburban living.

One spring day instead of driving past an airport, Tom drove in.  In this moment of spontaneity Tom made the decision to get his pilots license and 51 flying hours later had it.  The 51 hours is true and the whole truth is there were several hundred hours at the airport sitting in the left seat of every different airplane studying all the controls.  He now has single and multiengine commercial certificates and ratings in land and sea planes.

Another day sail boat instruction began and Tom is now mono-hull and multi-hull captain trained and is a marine navigation instructor.

Tom lives on five acres west of Minneapolis where he raises peafowl (peacocks and peahens) and chickens, cats and a dog.

Tom’s Welcome to Saturday Morning© seminars are training relative to any aspect of life.  The reason Tom claims “any” is the very basics of human communication, mental emotional coordination, are taught as they apply to personal and professional results.

Tom grew up thinking he would be a lawyer.  Mom talked him into show business with television first followed by radio.  He still studies law to this day.

Tom spent some years in construction and most of his life has been with words.  “As a disk jockey one must become adept at saying the same things in new ways hour after hour five or six days a week.”

MIxed in with radio Tom decided to disprove astrology and knew he had to learn it to accomplish that.  A funny thing happened on the way to the argument and the short story is he ended up teaching astrology and that developed into classes on other spiritual research and development.

Tom’s first of three firewalk experiences was of course followed by another which lead him to putting on his own firewalk seminar where mom, sister, and an uncle among others all participated.  He will tell you that was a defining moment.

Tom spent time in theatre as an actor, some time in television in nearly every possible capacity, and a couple years on the the west coast near Hollywood doing Hollywood things on a small scale.  His company Hollywood Resume was a success.  “I would have stayed but the air suggested another view.”

From radio Tom entered the human potential movement.  This was just after a lady named Virginia Satir, became a family friend.  Fun how things just come together.  Human potential at that time was seminar after seminar after seminar and the radio career ended.

Early ’80’s was the beginning of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) followed by mid ’80’s “Other than Conscious Communication  (OTCC), Dave Dobson.  Tom is trained by the originators.

Tom moved to Hawaii for some college where he studied the Hawaiian language and huna teachings from a real live kahuna, Joel Pahukula.

Tom’s first publication was Personal Excellence a 3 tape cassette program.

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