The Objective is Happiness

The Art and Law of Attraction, 3rd edition

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What if you knew two simple steps to manifest what you want?  Happiness is easier than you think!

How we feel about things has immense power.  Feelings give life to thoughts.  Feelings are power and give vitality to life!  So, here it is put together for you in The Objective is Happiness!  What is your right stuff?

The power of positive thinking, mind control and meditation or prayer are fragments of the law of attraction/creation.  What many of these mental and spiritual strategies never addressed is emotional state.

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Decide what you want, give this desire of yours time and attention, celebrate it, live it, you will have it.

Whether you know it or not, right now you are co-creating your life with unlimited resource and infinite power.  There is a simple reason losers keep losing and winners keep winning, keep generating success.  All is explained, simple terms.  Success makes sense!

Meg Ryan in Joe vs the Volcano, an AMBLIN ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTION

Affirmations work, if you work them correctly.  Learn what you need to know.  Having is a good thing!

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