Embrace Tiger Return to Mountain — by Thomas Wakefield

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge, NepalWe’ll spent three weeks with this title!

Given the nature of this blog, self improvement, living your best life and all, let’s begin by asking you what does a tiger represent to you?  What does mountain have for meaning?  What are we embracing here?

To make our time with this most useful involve someone or others.  :-) Make your own notes in a journal volume created just for this.  Also make notes of what others have mentioned.  Your journal should include reference to basic perceptions as well as grand perceptions.  Tiger or mountain or embrace could represent adversity, terror, obstacle, or adventure, privilege, comfort.

Perhaps you wonder, “Where is Wakefield taking this?”

There is No New Man — by Thomas Wakefield

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Lucky in Pencils“Man will always be man, there is no new man.
We tried so hard to create a society that was equal,
where there’d be nothing to envy your neighbor.

“But there is always something to envy,
a smile, a friendship,
something we don’t have and want to appropriate.

“In this world, even the Soviet one,
there will always be rich and poor.
Rich in gifts, poor in gifts,
rich in love, poor in love.”

Danilov’s speech, Stalingrad, December 1942, Man Will Always Be Man

Which of each below is your slant?  What are your base vibes?  What will you make of your life? :-)

  • Rich in spirit, poor in spirit
  • Rich in vocabulary, poor in vocabulary
  • Rich in appreciation, poor in appreciation
  • Rich in creativity, poor in creativity
  • Rich in excellence, poor in excellence
  • Rich in eloquence, poor in eloquence
  • Rich in listening, poor in listening
  • Rich in seeing solutions, poor in seeing solutions
  • Rich in perceiving value, poor in perceiving value
  • Rich in cleanliness, poor in cleanliness
  • Rich in compassion, poor in compassion
  • Rich in patience, poor in patience
  • Rich in health, poor in health
  • Rich in tolerance, poor in tolerance
  • Rich in manners, poor in manners in tolerance
  • Rich in talent, poor in talent
  • Rich in focus, poor in focus

Of course we can find the people well met and not so well met on either side of the political spectrum!  Yet, speaking generally, the rich in spirit are for the most part on the conservative side and the poor in spirit are for the most part on the progressive/liberal side.  One side has something to sell while the Lib side has little to nothing to sell and operates on an assault strategy.  Perhaps this helps understanding why the Haves have and the Have-not have not.  So much in my life comes from my base vibe, my basic attitudes.

The individual’s success or salvation, as it were, is in knowing he and she each does create their own living reality, one of failure or fulfillment, from within.  Make your own experience in this life deliberately rather than under the constant influence of the noisy ones.  Read everything you can find on the “as a man thinketh” concept and philosophy.  A good place to begin is in the book The Objective is Happiness, A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO PERSONAL SUCCESS!

This blog inspired by Danilov’s, Man Will Always Be Man, speech from Enemy at the Gates*.  The setting is, the Russians were fighting to stop the Hitler war machine from taking over Stalingrad in 1942.  The top Russian sniper is Vassili Zaitsev.  Danilov, knowing he, Danilov, will soon die, is talking to Vassaili.

*Enemy at the Gates, PARAMOUNT PICTURES and MANDALAY PICTURES, starring Jude Law, Ed Harris, Rachael Weisz.  *****

Understanding the Field — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Quantum SwooshFirst of all you need not understand the Field or the Force to participate in it or get results any more than you should understand electricity to turn on a light.  The loud energies seem powerful, the more subtle energies reach farther. :-)

There it is, yes, there are some things worth being aware of.  The Field just is and the Force just delivers.  Then we have the human factor. %-}  Human beings can rationalize and justify and therefore confuse anything.

Process and the path and the journey are all wonderful and what we seem to want mostly is the result and the experience of the result.  There will always be more!  How could journeys be anything but infinite?

When life comes to love we say we are more interested in experiencing love than how we got to it.  Yes, the stories of getting there can be grand but do you want those or prefer the stories and experience of being in it?

When life comes to building a house some people revel in every aspect of the construction and that experience is as important as living in it, too.

Interestingly enough to get there you have to be there!  When you are in the experience of your desire, what you desire happens, is happening.

The basic science electro magnetic aspect of this field and force is not necessary to your successful perception of feeling the now of your desired situation.  That vibe… that – what is the feeling of the thing accomplished – right now feeling is the primary result getter.

So, again, what do you want?  How good can you feel about it?

An Introduction to the Field — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

great Japanese garden design with beautiful water parkIn your imagination let’s sit out on a bench beside a path for a moment. Here we are in a glorious warm morning.  Clouds drift by in the mid morning summer sky and we listen to the leaves rustle on the trees.

We hear the sound of the leaves with the sound of the breeze. We see the leaves move, but we do not see the wind.

The wind is invisible, as is the air. The force which moves the air is invisible. The force that moves that force is invisible. Finer and finer forces, subtle and more subtle forces behind this and all things.

A thought, a feeling, or an intention can start movement. :-) Manifestation as physical or experienced reality begins somewhere as the finest of energies.

There is a force, a subtle substance, with which we are surrounded and with which we are permeated. We might as well call it “life.” My nickname for it is the “soup.” It is a life force, a life source, and re-source. It is the original source, the source of all that is, has ever been or ever will be. Life source / life force / life energy.  It is substance, and energy and potential. It is where everything comes from. It is where everything is. It is vibratory. It is vibration. It is frequency.

It is every thing, every where, every when. It is music, magnetism, rivers, and rocks. It permeates everything in varying densities. It is you.

“We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious
and intelligent Mind.”
— Max Planck, father of quantum theory

What you just read is all part of chapter seven in my book The Objective is Happiness.  The chapter start quote is to let you know how big and far reaching this field and force and you are.  Here is that quote:

“The aphorism, ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,’ not
only embraces the whole of a man’s being, but is so comprehensive
as to reach out to every condition and circumstance
of his life.”
— James Allen

I am Grateful for the Ability — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, March 8th, 2014


An Interlude: :-)

Gold Sun 08 BVI C1


“I am grateful

for my ability

to appreciate

and experience

the higher and finer

things in life.” — TW




Success is Paying Attention by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Opera GlassesWhat are you paying attention to?

What you pay attention to directly or indirectly is getting the energy of you.  Your attention is an internal dynamic.

The energy of your attention creates all manner of things.  The energy of your attention creates more and faster and more dynamically when emotion is attached to your attention. :-) This is focus and feelings!

This feelings and focus coordination is your mood vibe.  Think fundamental beingness signature if you will.

Your mood and your vibe are your internal makeup.  This internal makeup is what creates you outer, physical, material world reality.

So, how do you feel about that?  What is your mood?  One of great expectations?

What are your root expectations?  Root expectations hinder or help success.

What was the question?  Oh, yeh!  What are you paying attention to?

How to Be a Have — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

You already have the power of God, Divine Providence, the Force, working for you.  The good news and the bad news is the same – it’s working!  For better or worse, initiated, guided, and steered by you.  If you want more power acknowledge, acknowledge that you are creating all the bad and all the good around you.

magic-tap-fountain-spainSo what are we going to do?

The best beginning is to acknowledge a higher power in your life.  And in acknowledging your choice of higher power, practice happiness.  In the practice of happiness you are in the realm of gratitude.  Find and appreciate higher vibing concepts, ideas, music, books, friends, things in nature.  Concepts like honor, creativity, whatever can be truly savored.

What we want here is to be appreciating life.  Appreciating life from a deep profound place within.  This deep profound appreciation is to be developed unabated. :-) This deep profound appreciation for all things that are, have been, and will be, is to become your base of creating, from within, your ideal life experience!

I love the rich in creativity, the rich in family, the rich in money, all for the examples they set.  What is on the mind of the inventor?  What is on the mind of the proud parent?  What is on the minds of the truly wealthy?  The wealthy do not think in terms of washing the car, they in terms of polishing the Benz.  The wealthy do not think in terms of feeding the kids, they think in terms of meal time.  And in what terms of thinking do their kids grow up?

Life these days of this planet is rich with nature, convenience, opportunity, resource, and luxury.  What we can access that our ancestors had no clue of is astounding.  Ancestors had the power of God, we have the power of God with a range of example nothing short of awe inspiring.  Are you tuned in?

Perhaps we could talk more about what you’re paying attention to.

Does God Play Favorites? — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Blog HarmonyNo.  The game of life may look like the Divine plays favorites.  The precision is perfect.  Successful people know this.

God or Providence is always going to match your free will mood vibe.  Mood vibe is a term I coined to more successfully communicate with people in other languages where spirit, consciousness, higher self and such terms did not translate well.  Context went to hell as it were. :-)

We all resonate our beingness.  People in love resonate being in love.  People in fear resonate a vibe of fear.  Remember we are not thinking beings who feel, we are feeling beings who think.  Our feelings are the broadcast carrier.  Our fundamental attitudes about life, sex, religion, politics, winning and losing, make up our moods, hence, mood vibe and so your life is what it is.

God or Divine Providence, the force, or the field constantly feeds back to everyone their own mood vibe, multiplied or divided, matching it in life’s manifestations, often quite cleverly in th0se results.

So, if your life is shit, own it.  You are very powerful to create something counter to what is natural.  The nature of things is to grow, increase and blossom and recreate.  One must create a cynical even nasty perception about life to create a life mess.  We humans do, however, too easily default to the negative side of things.

Notables in history have had much comment regarding same.  Let’s take three:  Albert Einstein asks us to decide whether this universe we live in is a hostile or friendly place.  A person’s answer lays the groundwork for what they attract into their life.  If your attention is on stress and distraction, that will be your experience.  If your attention is on love, love will find you.

Henry Ford is quoted with, “Say you can, say you can’t, ether way you’re right.”  The fairly well known Jesus said, “When ye pray, believe that ye hath received and it shall be yours.”  So, mood vibe the desired result.

Improvement lies in seeing through things as they appear and with this inner vision that can see through things see the improved situation or condition.  This inner vision is the brush which when charged with any degree of passion makes manifest our reality, our experiences.

God or Providence is always in partnership with your inner artist.  Was it Robert Collier who said something about, “guard the doorways to your mind?”

Pay attention to surrounding influences.  Do not dwell on negative.  Let the dead burying the dead.   Sort and choose what you will allow to influence your thoughts and feelings.

Practice excellence over lowest common denominator!

The Haves and the Have-nots IV — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

Does God and Providence favor the Haves?  In a way, yes!  Does God give better results to the person who gets up earlier, practices improvement daily, fine tunes and otherwise cares more for excellence and well-being?  Deliberate ways or casual ways is always your choice.

Road to PerfectionLet’s practice the road to perfection -

See through physical appearance.  See with your minds eye.  You can close your eyes and meditate or not.  When I am out on the street I can see something as it appears and see it as I jazz it up with my creative imagination.  This may take some practice, you’ll be doing it in a couple minutes max. :-)

When you practice seeing through or beyond physical appearance you are in a state of inception, creating from within.  Remember your subconscious mind does not know any difference from outer or inner perception.  When you let your eyesight be the whole of what your inner creator has to work with you limit your life.  When you utilize your inner vision and apply your emotions, attitudes, and consideration you allow your inner creator into that limitless indefinable potential.  It’s a larger workshop.

Practice excellence over lowest common denominator.  Awareness of power is power.

The Haves and the Have-nots III — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Samurai MeditationThis game of life is the simplest game!  EVER!
(If you let it be simple.)

The hard part seems to be the what you want part.  If you do not know what you want, who knows what will show up in your life.  If you have arguments with yourself, where’re you gonna go?  We all spend much of our days running our compare classify formulas.  We compare this and that and classify anything we can.  Park the idle judgmentalism and apply your attention to what you say is the right stuff for you, know your desires.  Stay focused on your desires, your game.  If you want to win, game is good!  This game requires style points.  Know what I mean?

Rise and raise again your baseline expectations.  Most people who are stuck got used to things and forgot how big.  The bane of growing up is getting used to things and loosing freshness.  Journal your successes and your delights.  Review your journal to keep the successes fresh and your mood vibe up.  Baseline expectations are very powerful! :-)

Now concluding this segment, if this whole “I are actually in control of My own life” notion calls to you, somehow feels right, you want to live it!  Pay attention to things like a samurai does.  When looking left and right at an intersection, take an instant, but really look, notice, what is the background, to the left to the right.  Look at everything as if it may have meaning for you.

You might want to start paying more attention to things out around you and inside you, perhaps your attitudes, like a samurai!

By the way, making the lists asked for in the first segment puts you well on your way to vibe change.  The idea is to get the mood up, to get the mood and attitude up and into luxury, fulfillment, delight.  Things that make you feel good, things desirable to you!  If you missed that make the list exercise, get back there and do it.