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Wednesday, January 1st, 2014
Hold Your Course

Hold Your Course

Professionally, Thomas Wakefield is available for speaking, training, and coaching in nearly any area of human communication personal and professional, based in the United States has passport loves travel.

The basics of Practical Sensory Preference Strategies are so fundamental to human communication across the board they can be applied in any aspect of human communication and of course adapted to business management, sales, customer service, and more.

Tom speaks on business management and results , successful sales communication, customer relations, and productive workplace strategies.  Tom’s trainings address the value, power, and benefits of the “stories we all tell ourselves” and how those relate to power and success in every aspect of life, career, family, and most importantly self-development. Plus  the magical component in intentional use of conscious focus with regard to the subconscious mind.

Tom is definitely a navigator and wordsmith.  A navigator in the broadest sense of the word and He certainly is good with instruction and results.

1970 Tom’s broadcast career began in television.  Later being a 5 – 9 a.m. radio morning man Monday through Friday was a slice of heaven.  Show biz has also included two plays, some television and broad motion picture experience.  Human communication in business consulting led to the human potential movement and personal transformation where Tom is currently.  Thomas Wakefield’s, PSPS, Practical Sensory Preference Strategies, could be termed the third generation of NLP, neuro-linguistic programming.  PSPS is the most effective knowledge regarding any aspect of human communication, invaluable in business and family life!

The Best People are Getting to the Top!

Tom is known as sincere, authentic, and interesting, a man with range, a piece of which is indicated by his interest in opera, artists like Enya and good old time rock ‘n roll.  He has range in other areas as well.  Tom is a multi-certificated pilot in both aviation and sailing.  Tom enjoys country living with peacocks, chickens, a dog, too many cats and His horses.  Favorite sport – golf.  Favorite food – lobster.  Favorite person – Оля.  Favorite season – spring.  Favorite boat – cruising catamaran.  Favorite guitar – Gibson.  Favorite editor – Robin,

Three hour to five day trainings available for individuals, couples, small and large groups focusing on professional, interpersonal, and individual success customized to ideal fit.  Change and improvement are reckoned to be immediate and self perpetuating.

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