Mission / Focus

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

The Objective is Happiness and the Welcome to Saturday Morning trainings, written and designed by Thomas Wakefield, are to inform and empower individuals to live their best life.  What do You say is the right stuff for You?  How good can You feel about these goals, Your focus, and intentions?  What creative ways can and do You celebrate what will be and is happiness in Your life?

What We’re up to here is noting Your input based on My first book The Objective is Happiness and Your personal experience to make the second book The Objective is Happiness II cover more of the ground You are interested in seeing, talking about, and exploring.

If You wish coaching, speaking, training from Tom for Your group in Your town contact Us at robin@theobjectiveishappiness.com.  Also tom@theobjectiveishappiness.com.