Anno MMXIV Miracula Manifesta — by Thomas Wakefield

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Happy New Year!  In this new year of many miracles manifest, consider also the nonphysical miracles.  Your new and improved mood for a start!  Your inspirations, ideas, creativity, someone’s change in attitude toward you.  That last one could be in admiration, more respect, consideration.

Alt 11,500 • Hdg 010°  Rocky Mtns S of Denver

Alt 11,500 • Hdg 010° Rocky Mtns S of Denver

Improve yourself, that’s major a miracle for most of us.  LOL Always miracles for those of us who make a practice of improvement.

Learn a language, take your hand to a musical instrument, read a book.  (by the way, I suggest that when you read The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas, you cannot help but become a better person.) :-)

Expectations!  What is the undercurrent of your personal expectations?  Things fall part?  Things evenout?  Life and events always come out better than I imagined? (My favorite!)

Storms and upsets may happen.  Great fortune may happen. We always relax back to our base.  Fat people gain it back over and over or, new person same old relationship!  Yep.  Then there’s the people who lose a fortune and gained back more faster than was previously accomplished!  Raise your base expectations!!!

More important than pounds, fitness, health, family and career is your fundamental, basic, default outlook on life as a mood as a vibe, because that’s where all that is manifest around you comes from.  Your mood, your inner attitude, toward and about life and most importantly yourself, is the inception of your fundamental expectations, and the source of your experience!

Inception defined as: inception, n  beginning,commencement, start, birth, dawn, genesis, origin, outset; establishment,institution, foundation, founding, formation, initiation, setting up, origination, constitution, inauguration, opening, debut (Fr).

I was thinking, “What words would I like to describe this new year?”  Just then one of my big cats, Maximus, laid down next to me, I put my hand on him, the words I wanted came to me – Clean • Fresh • Smooth.

“Get busy living or get busy dying.” — The Shawshank Redemption

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