Does God Play Favorites? — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

Blog HarmonyNo.  The game of life may look like the Divine plays favorites.  The precision is perfect.  Successful people know this.

God or Providence is always going to match your free will mood vibe.  Mood vibe is a term I coined to more successfully communicate with people in other languages where spirit, consciousness, higher self and such terms did not translate well.  Context went to hell as it were. :-)

We all resonate our beingness.  People in love resonate being in love.  People in fear resonate a vibe of fear.  Remember we are not thinking beings who feel, we are feeling beings who think.  Our feelings are the broadcast carrier.  Our fundamental attitudes about life, sex, religion, politics, winning and losing, make up our moods, hence, mood vibe and so your life is what it is.

God or Divine Providence, the force, or the field constantly feeds back to everyone their own mood vibe, multiplied or divided, matching it in life’s manifestations, often quite cleverly in th0se results.

So, if your life is shit, own it.  You are very powerful to create something counter to what is natural.  The nature of things is to grow, increase and blossom and recreate.  One must create a cynical even nasty perception about life to create a life mess.  We humans do, however, too easily default to the negative side of things.

Notables in history have had much comment regarding same.  Let’s take three:  Albert Einstein asks us to decide whether this universe we live in is a hostile or friendly place.  A person’s answer lays the groundwork for what they attract into their life.  If your attention is on stress and distraction, that will be your experience.  If your attention is on love, love will find you.

Henry Ford is quoted with, “Say you can, say you can’t, ether way you’re right.”  The fairly well known Jesus said, “When ye pray, believe that ye hath received and it shall be yours.”  So, mood vibe the desired result.

Improvement lies in seeing through things as they appear and with this inner vision that can see through things see the improved situation or condition.  This inner vision is the brush which when charged with any degree of passion makes manifest our reality, our experiences.

God or Providence is always in partnership with your inner artist.  Was it Robert Collier who said something about, “guard the doorways to your mind?”

Pay attention to surrounding influences.  Do not dwell on negative.  Let the dead burying the dead.   Sort and choose what you will allow to influence your thoughts and feelings.

Practice excellence over lowest common denominator!

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