Donald Trump and Your Success – by Thomas Wakefield

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

Hi, Thomas Wakefield here, I am not going to go much into the bell curve here.  Perhaps that is worth our study in the future.  I think so.

The fact of the matter of the “haves” and the “have nots” is what I keep writing over and over.  Here it is again, success is a function of focus and feelings.

To use our friend as an example, Mr. Trump has children who love him.  He owns a rather large and beautiful building in New York city, the Trump Towers, on 5th Avenue in Manhattan over looking the United Nations and the East River, actually several rather tall buildings around the world.  So is Donald lucky?  Maybe.  He certainly vibes fortunate, or is tuned into good fortune.  And it is a substantial vibe he carries, a powerful vibration created from within him.  The vibe, the focus, emotion, and activity create the result.

Take a look around at Your friends and acquaintances with one question in mind!  What does this person primarily vibrate? You know whether they are vibing low or high, fuzzy or clear.

We do not know the extent of Mr Trump’s clarity of thought or how he particularly allocates his focus or passion, but, “by their fruits ye shall know them.”  The man is focused, has passion, loves family, and is a humanitarian.  Having studied him a bit by reading his books, watching Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice, etc., we can say for sure and certain that Donald trump has solid moral standards.  In addition, he seems to be able to make a decision here and there.

Touching on the bell curve, we can reliably estimate that the upper 20% of focus, activity, and pretty much any group gets 80% of the result.  And what follows that is that the top 3 percenters earn and hold 97% .  I am a top percent doer and from personal experience I can tell You that most people on welfare, drunk, and or drugged-up have no interest in what I have to say, no respect, and in fact look upon producers with some kind of twisted aloof distain.  And, indeed, their major problem is indifference.  If success in life is a state of mind, and it is, more people should practice the state of mind of winners, and I mean winners who are putting their best foot forward.

My book, The Objective is Happiness, is written as a primer with all the right stuff for you to understand focus and feelings for the purpose of raising your vibration and therefore Your well being.

Set Your priorities and live your life.  The rest is the small stuff.  The question for every moment is, what’s our focus and how do you feel about it!  So, what’s on Your mind?

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