Fundamental to Success, Part 1 – by Thomas Wakefield

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Having What You Want is Knowing what You want!  Part 1 of 3

We will explore the three things (TTT).

So, first of all what do You want?  Many of us know too well what we don’t want.  Too much focus and energy is spent, and hence wasted, on what we do not want.  We are only briefly or marginally interested in what we do not want and that is only for purposes of contrast.

Now let’s look at the important word – knowing.  We all know awareness come in levels.  For example, I have levels of awareness in navigation beyond the average clam from my experience in sailing boats on the ocean beyond the site of land and flying the airplanes.  The point is levels.  Higher levels of awareness result in more and more clarity.

Back to our word knowing.  How well to you know what you want?  And two things.  1. How well can you describe it?  2. What is the story you tell yourself about about having it?  Let’s take one step farther.  Now,time travel, that You have had this whatever it is in your life for three months or so how do you feel about it?  What is the “now that I have it” story you are telling yourself and your friends?

How can You develop the knowing of what you want?  Think about it!  Wonder about it.  Research it.  Smell it. Try it on.  Feel it, experience it.  Take lessons.  Test drive it.  Commit to it.  Plan for it.

The Three Things:  :-)

  1. Identify “it”
  2. Describe “it”
  3. Vibe “it”

And what is the most important of the three?  Vibration!  How do you feel about it!  Your vibe is your attitude.  You attitude is your blend of focus and feelings.  Feelings are emotion is life.  Passion is helpful, if you are congruent.  Congruent defined as: on the same page with yourself!

Coming up in part 2,  Friday, October 28th, 11 a.m. ET: A Very Important Exercise!

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