Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

The Abraham-Hicks material was new to Me in the final editing stages of My book The Objective is Happiness, 2008.  This Abraham-Hicks material and education of what is eternally true is fairly new, 1985.  Esther and Jerry Hicks bring Abraham to all who wish to understand the law of attraction, and how life works from that standpoint to all who are desiring to know.

Here is the, Me, Thomas Wakefield version, writing in questions, only part what Abraham will give You toward living Your best life.

Primary in Your Job Description of Life is to be happy.

  • Are You happy there is more ?
  • Are You happy life has more for You?
  • Can You be happy about that in this moment?
  • Can You be ecstatic of the huge potential, and the many many possibilities available for You?
  • What are Your favorites?
  • If offered choice can You make a decision of preference?
  • Can You prefer a great option over another good option?
  • How do You feel about happiness?
  • With what ever is going on in this moment, can You see through it no matter how bad or good it seems?  And see through it to more and better and ideal?

You know what You want, you usually do!  That part is done, and yet, ongoing.  Your job is to feel good now.  And do You understand, how much You have to feel so good about?  “If You want it You can have it.”

This particular blog is dedicated to Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks.  Thank You, Tom

I hope You all enjoy this and are, in expression, happy with it!  And tell them Wakefield sent You!

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