Ho’oponopono to Grow With — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

The following occurred to me as I was writing last weeks presentation on Ho’oponopono.

Higher Ho'oponoponoI was thinking of a pure, no past agenda, looking ahead paradigm indulging the, we are all connected tenet of Hawai’ian spirituality.

This is in the interest of furthering Ho’oponopono from that simple tenet that I write here.  First, an actual disclaimer:  What you read here may be pure Wakefield, or not.  Logic brought the extension to my mind.  While I have studied on Oahu and did have instruction in Hawaiian spirituality I know not to how much I have been acquainted.  And I do not know how much there is. :-)

The setting is My Life.  I am entertaining a new level of health, love, money, possession, whatever.  I sit in a favorite comfortable place and consider the connectedess of all things.  (I myself am thinking Max Plank, vibes, nature, people…)  In considering, and feeling, the richness of Hawai’ian spirituality and the connection of all people, I consider the… whatever I have been entertaining.  I say quietly aloud – I have a desire • I ask your blessing • I love you • Thank you.

I like it.  How You doin’? TW

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