Ho’oponopono to Own and Profit By — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Let’s give Ho’oponopono a turn here!

Ho'opononponoA first tenet of Hawai’ian spirituality is that we are all connected. Where I am taking this is to the forgiveness ritual!

If Ho’oponopono is at all valid, a very real reason, perhaps the only reason you live less than a completely fulfilled life is your guilt.  Guilt you carry in your shadows.  Guilt you may only marginally feel awareness of and can hardly identify.  Guilt attached to some valid or less than valid reason for its existence, guilt limiting your abundance and fulfillments.

Not at all aside here; have you ever noticed how many who should feel guilt do not, and those who should not do?  Who seems to be winning?  The guiltless?  OMG!  Yes!  Except let us exercise a little critical thinking here.  Guilt chokes, does it not, at least restricts, life energy, life flow, hence the manifestations of happiness, physical and otherwise?

How much do you freely allow yourself in life?  If one part of you says, “I want better,” and another part says, “Guilty!”  How stuck is one?  And is there a solution?

Yes, solution right here.  :-)

Getting to that answer, first a question, “How big are you?”  If someone came out of your past and asked you for forgiveness for this, that, or whatever, could you forgive?

A powerful solution presents itself for guilt which is known (which may or may not be valid) and indiscretions which are unknown. Are You ready?  This is it.  Consider the reality that we are all connected in some quiet way.  Consider why you may be guilty of… whatever.  Feel  it!!!  Now state and ask and state!  I am sorry • Please forgive me • I love you • Thank you.

I like it.  How about you?  TW

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