How to Be a Have — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

You already have the power of God, Divine Providence, the Force, working for you.  The good news and the bad news is the same – it’s working!  For better or worse, initiated, guided, and steered by you.  If you want more power acknowledge, acknowledge that you are creating all the bad and all the good around you.

magic-tap-fountain-spainSo what are we going to do?

The best beginning is to acknowledge a higher power in your life.  And in acknowledging your choice of higher power, practice happiness.  In the practice of happiness you are in the realm of gratitude.  Find and appreciate higher vibing concepts, ideas, music, books, friends, things in nature.  Concepts like honor, creativity, whatever can be truly savored.

What we want here is to be appreciating life.  Appreciating life from a deep profound place within.  This deep profound appreciation is to be developed unabated. :-) This deep profound appreciation for all things that are, have been, and will be, is to become your base of creating, from within, your ideal life experience!

I love the rich in creativity, the rich in family, the rich in money, all for the examples they set.  What is on the mind of the inventor?  What is on the mind of the proud parent?  What is on the minds of the truly wealthy?  The wealthy do not think in terms of washing the car, they in terms of polishing the Benz.  The wealthy do not think in terms of feeding the kids, they think in terms of meal time.  And in what terms of thinking do their kids grow up?

Life these days of this planet is rich with nature, convenience, opportunity, resource, and luxury.  What we can access that our ancestors had no clue of is astounding.  Ancestors had the power of God, we have the power of God with a range of example nothing short of awe inspiring.  Are you tuned in?

Perhaps we could talk more about what you’re paying attention to.

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