Mirrors and Success – by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

What Does A Mirror Do for You?  A mirror reflects your image.  That part is easy!  But whoa grasshopper, is there more than meets the eye?  You know there is, I brought it up!

Let’s do a brief side track to an Oriental energetic thing that goes by the name feng shui.  Western humanity has been suffering with the pronunciation for a 1,000 years.  Let us go with “phone sway” for pronunciation.  This is the “art of placement” including such as… no business should be without an aquarium, moving water, perhaps an indoor fountain.  Successful businesses in Tokyo signed up for this, you can too.  Another fun aspect of this is where and how to place mirrors, among other things.

I am not going into all that here except to say, have mirrors on your walls.  And not just the bathroom!  Place them high enough so no one’s head is cut off in the reflection!  That is most important.

20in x 28in

Here’s the Wakefield part.  Every time you see yourself in a mirror you are validated.  You exist.  What is more important than you and I being validated for who we are and want to be?  The answer is… feeling it!  And every time You have a glance passing, you wonder about the growing success of you!

There is a lot more to mirrors, I just wanted to touch on the fundamental of you being validated, especially by yourself.  Now, go get a respectable 20 x 28 inch picture type framed mirror.  This is one of mine.  Yes, I have more than one.

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