Overwhelm as a State of Opportunity – by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

The complexities in life are infinite.  We make our choices from a large menu.  “What do I want to be when I grow up,” could be an overwhelming question.  Or one probably knows preferences among simple contrasts ie. whether their preference might be an office in a high-rise or a place nearer nature.

DIGITAL IMAGEOnce upon a time I was given a menu in a restaurant near Vienna, a menu as large as a large newspaper.  It was on a heavy snow white parchment.  The menu was in German.  The people running the restaurant spoke no word of English.  I experienced a brief moment of overwhelm.  I drew pictures of what I would like and somehow learned that they only prepared fish and that all the fish came fresh daily from the big lake nearby, Lake Neusiedl.

I had to reduce my attempting to figure things out and control the situation to somehow communicating that I was hungry and I wanted them to make all the right decisions as to my meal and that I wanted the best experience and that money was no object.  What happened that evening was not much in terms of content communication.  It was an exercise in vibes pretty much entirely.  I somehow communicated and they somehow picked up on I wanted a pleasurable meal and experience. :-)

What is necessary for success in life is to vibe, if you will, what you wish to experience.  That which you wish to experience will in all probability be quite specific and better than you had imagined, if you allow, simply because you were in interaction with forces more knowing than yourself.  It was a glorious meal and an awesome experience all in all, fine dining at its best.  (42€ or $56 quite reasonable!)

So, the suggestion is that in overwhelm is great opportunity, to experience things you know not quite, simply by giving a push, an intention, in some direction of a desire.

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