Overwhelm II — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Emotional intensity can get fast results from the realm of manifestation.  The force of creation can be being multiplied in any number of ways, and it can be choked in any number of ways, by high emotion.  This is why your personal vocabulary is so very important, particularly your emotional vocabulary.  (Feel free to take your time with this second paragraph)

Blog - RollecoasterI can make this vocabulary issue make sense to you however, these installments are mostly limited to 300 words.  Though, if you wish, you can consider the basic notion of the larger your vocabulary, the larger your understanding of things and life, and so, larger equals more choice and more options.  The foregoing is not supposed to be “deep” but it can be.  For many these days a greater intellectual construct would be a good thing. (This is one of the areas I am your very good coach.)

The short story of the value of a well developed emotional vocabulary is the following:  If you can clearly put words to emotions, you can more easily change to a more beneficial creator vibe (emotion) by choosing the opposite, or any better vibe, by choosing the better word attached to the better vibe or better state.  :-)

Grab a good sized Oxford dictionary with thick paper pages.  You want the thick paper pages because you’re going to track down and hi-lite every word having to do with emotion.  Get back to me with how many you can find.  If You understand the value of this exercise and want help, then also buy a Roget’s Thesaurus, none other than Roget’s.  Yes, there’s a reason for this – I want you to win well!

In commencement, how many words can You put to how great, how awesome, you would like to feel about You, and life, and all your friends?

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