The Haves and the Have-nots II — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Okay!  Who here has it figured out?  The “it” is this game of life and living “it” your way.

Do the Have-nots have any less power in focus and feeling than The Haves?  No not really.

Fork-In-RoadRemember from last time, equal opportunity is a, “Yes!”Outcome, however, equates to how one handles opportunity.  The Have-nots are not as practiced in power, potential, creativity and such as the Haves.  Oh, all that is available to them if they would just believe and begin with baby steps.

Two things we must here define, opportunity and handle.  First an opportunity is anything that comes to your attention as desirable.  And that includes desirable to resolve or desirable to include in your life.  Meaning desirable to be, or do, or have, or experience.  Secondly, handle is the operative word.  You “handle” manifesting your goals and desires by coordinating feeling and focus.  Coordinating means use both feelings and focus.

So, first know the desirable result!  Second is to give the desired thing consideration and attention with focus and attitude, lots of attitude.  Third is feel what you would feels as if it were where you want it now.  How does it fit?  Can you touch it?  Does it feel good to touch?  What does it feel like, to your touch?

Now, what does your fulfillment meter read?  That’s that sensation in your heart. :-)  Can you share with friends and family?  What’s that like?  How big is your smile? (Now, rewrite the preceding paragraph as a checklist!)

Your opportunity is to focus on and feel great about what you desire exclusive of any critical question. Exclusive of, “Do I deserve it?  Can it happen?”  You are only allowed supportive questions like, “How good does this feel to be, or do, or have?!!!  How long do I want to keep my experience fresh? :-)

The Haves and the Have-nots — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Who here wants to know why the Haves have, and the Have-nots have not and struggle?

magnetism1The rules in the game are simple.  And the rules of life are the same for everyone.  Equal opportunity?  Yes!  Equal outcome?  Not necessarily.  We will have to admit that the smarter more creative people make better use of these rules or principles.  As do those paying attention.

The greatest and simplest game there is!  :-)

What you will learn is how this game of life works.  The hints of it are many many places, some kind of hidden and some in your face.  As to the rules to the game itself, these are as old and unwavering as since when existence became aware of itself.  “I think.  I think I am.  Therefore I Am… I think.  I know I Am.  At least, I think I must Be.”

That existence is is indisputable.  Do you understand that “nothing” as in “no things” is not possible!

Existence is!

“Life is!  And if Life is, then death isn’t.”  I heard these words from my friend Richard Bach 30 and some years ago.  (He’ll admit we’re acquainted as long as I stay out of trouble.)

Ah, the Haves… yachts, Mercedes, Beamers, private jets (I like the G550), house keepers, tuxedos, evening gowns, country clubs, limousines, linen napkins on the table at home, a fires in the fireplaces, music lessons for the kids, lawn care, shrimp and steak Diane for supper, love all around, fresh sheets on the bed.  Every night?  What do they think about?  What is on their minds as they plan a day or a week?

What is on the minds of the Haves?  What are they expecting and looking for on a day to day basis?  (Time to make a list – or two!)  Another list is what might be their attitudes, basic and consummate?  Now, you can not but help ask yourself, “Why does Wakefield want me to make this list?”

The answer is, because it is a very useful exercise.  Let’s spend this and the next four weeks with this Haves thing in an effort to turbo-up the rest of your life.

This week a “The Haves” focus.  Next week a dip into Have-not with an intro to the punchline, as it were.  Followed by “how to” exploration and expansion.  My intention is to set you up to hit a home run, so that you will have more fun with the rest of your life than you ever thought possible!  How about it?  TW

Ho’oponopono to Grow With — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, January 11th, 2014

The following occurred to me as I was writing last weeks presentation on Ho’oponopono.

Higher Ho'oponoponoI was thinking of a pure, no past agenda, looking ahead paradigm indulging the, we are all connected tenet of Hawai’ian spirituality.

This is in the interest of furthering Ho’oponopono from that simple tenet that I write here.  First, an actual disclaimer:  What you read here may be pure Wakefield, or not.  Logic brought the extension to my mind.  While I have studied on Oahu and did have instruction in Hawaiian spirituality I know not to how much I have been acquainted.  And I do not know how much there is. :-)

The setting is My Life.  I am entertaining a new level of health, love, money, possession, whatever.  I sit in a favorite comfortable place and consider the connectedess of all things.  (I myself am thinking Max Plank, vibes, nature, people…)  In considering, and feeling, the richness of Hawai’ian spirituality and the connection of all people, I consider the… whatever I have been entertaining.  I say quietly aloud – I have a desire • I ask your blessing • I love you • Thank you.

I like it.  How You doin’? TW

Ho’oponopono to Own and Profit By — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Let’s give Ho’oponopono a turn here!

Ho'opononponoA first tenet of Hawai’ian spirituality is that we are all connected. Where I am taking this is to the forgiveness ritual!

If Ho’oponopono is at all valid, a very real reason, perhaps the only reason you live less than a completely fulfilled life is your guilt.  Guilt you carry in your shadows.  Guilt you may only marginally feel awareness of and can hardly identify.  Guilt attached to some valid or less than valid reason for its existence, guilt limiting your abundance and fulfillments.

Not at all aside here; have you ever noticed how many who should feel guilt do not, and those who should not do?  Who seems to be winning?  The guiltless?  OMG!  Yes!  Except let us exercise a little critical thinking here.  Guilt chokes, does it not, at least restricts, life energy, life flow, hence the manifestations of happiness, physical and otherwise?

How much do you freely allow yourself in life?  If one part of you says, “I want better,” and another part says, “Guilty!”  How stuck is one?  And is there a solution?

Yes, solution right here.  :-)

Getting to that answer, first a question, “How big are you?”  If someone came out of your past and asked you for forgiveness for this, that, or whatever, could you forgive?

A powerful solution presents itself for guilt which is known (which may or may not be valid) and indiscretions which are unknown. Are You ready?  This is it.  Consider the reality that we are all connected in some quiet way.  Consider why you may be guilty of… whatever.  Feel  it!!!  Now state and ask and state!  I am sorry • Please forgive me • I love you • Thank you.

I like it.  How about you?  TW

Anno MMXIV Miracula Manifesta — by Thomas Wakefield

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Happy New Year!  In this new year of many miracles manifest, consider also the nonphysical miracles.  Your new and improved mood for a start!  Your inspirations, ideas, creativity, someone’s change in attitude toward you.  That last one could be in admiration, more respect, consideration.

Alt 11,500 • Hdg 010°  Rocky Mtns S of Denver

Alt 11,500 • Hdg 010° Rocky Mtns S of Denver

Improve yourself, that’s major a miracle for most of us.  LOL Always miracles for those of us who make a practice of improvement.

Learn a language, take your hand to a musical instrument, read a book.  (by the way, I suggest that when you read The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas, you cannot help but become a better person.) :-)

Expectations!  What is the undercurrent of your personal expectations?  Things fall part?  Things evenout?  Life and events always come out better than I imagined? (My favorite!)

Storms and upsets may happen.  Great fortune may happen. We always relax back to our base.  Fat people gain it back over and over or, new person same old relationship!  Yep.  Then there’s the people who lose a fortune and gained back more faster than was previously accomplished!  Raise your base expectations!!!

More important than pounds, fitness, health, family and career is your fundamental, basic, default outlook on life as a mood as a vibe, because that’s where all that is manifest around you comes from.  Your mood, your inner attitude, toward and about life and most importantly yourself, is the inception of your fundamental expectations, and the source of your experience!

Inception defined as: inception, n  beginning,commencement, start, birth, dawn, genesis, origin, outset; establishment,institution, foundation, founding, formation, initiation, setting up, origination, constitution, inauguration, opening, debut (Fr).

I was thinking, “What words would I like to describe this new year?”  Just then one of my big cats, Maximus, laid down next to me, I put my hand on him, the words I wanted came to me – Clean • Fresh • Smooth.

“Get busy living or get busy dying.” — The Shawshank Redemption

War with Distractions — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

You get what You what…(?!) …when You what?

Fresh AirIt was a dark and stormy night!

I was frustrated to the max.

The problem was interruptions and an abundance of distractions.  So, putting on my Alexander the Great helmut, I decided to go to war with distractions.  I was seriously intent on kicking some… you choose!  Many of the battles were fun and many rewarding.  Then one day, after nearly two years of this, I had a moment of awareness. The supply of distractions is endless!  I was getting what my attention was on in grand and impressive supply.

Then, in a moment, after months and months of battle, I experienced a moment of awakening.  Ah ha!  !!! And in this state of arousal I instantly took my mind to, “Whoa, what do I prefer?”  What’s the better idea?  What is ideal?  What are my preferences?  Right now!  Perhaps I should go to some kind of war with them?

Or, just feed this other choice by considering and reconsidering the desired fruits.  I go with the second. :-)

The thinking person’s law of attraction?

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Overwhelm II — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Emotional intensity can get fast results from the realm of manifestation.  The force of creation can be being multiplied in any number of ways, and it can be choked in any number of ways, by high emotion.  This is why your personal vocabulary is so very important, particularly your emotional vocabulary.  (Feel free to take your time with this second paragraph)

Blog - RollecoasterI can make this vocabulary issue make sense to you however, these installments are mostly limited to 300 words.  Though, if you wish, you can consider the basic notion of the larger your vocabulary, the larger your understanding of things and life, and so, larger equals more choice and more options.  The foregoing is not supposed to be “deep” but it can be.  For many these days a greater intellectual construct would be a good thing. (This is one of the areas I am your very good coach.)

The short story of the value of a well developed emotional vocabulary is the following:  If you can clearly put words to emotions, you can more easily change to a more beneficial creator vibe (emotion) by choosing the opposite, or any better vibe, by choosing the better word attached to the better vibe or better state.  :-)

Grab a good sized Oxford dictionary with thick paper pages.  You want the thick paper pages because you’re going to track down and hi-lite every word having to do with emotion.  Get back to me with how many you can find.  If You understand the value of this exercise and want help, then also buy a Roget’s Thesaurus, none other than Roget’s.  Yes, there’s a reason for this – I want you to win well!

In commencement, how many words can You put to how great, how awesome, you would like to feel about You, and life, and all your friends?

Overwhelm as a State of Opportunity – by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

The complexities in life are infinite.  We make our choices from a large menu.  “What do I want to be when I grow up,” could be an overwhelming question.  Or one probably knows preferences among simple contrasts ie. whether their preference might be an office in a high-rise or a place nearer nature.

DIGITAL IMAGEOnce upon a time I was given a menu in a restaurant near Vienna, a menu as large as a large newspaper.  It was on a heavy snow white parchment.  The menu was in German.  The people running the restaurant spoke no word of English.  I experienced a brief moment of overwhelm.  I drew pictures of what I would like and somehow learned that they only prepared fish and that all the fish came fresh daily from the big lake nearby, Lake Neusiedl.

I had to reduce my attempting to figure things out and control the situation to somehow communicating that I was hungry and I wanted them to make all the right decisions as to my meal and that I wanted the best experience and that money was no object.  What happened that evening was not much in terms of content communication.  It was an exercise in vibes pretty much entirely.  I somehow communicated and they somehow picked up on I wanted a pleasurable meal and experience. :-)

What is necessary for success in life is to vibe, if you will, what you wish to experience.  That which you wish to experience will in all probability be quite specific and better than you had imagined, if you allow, simply because you were in interaction with forces more knowing than yourself.  It was a glorious meal and an awesome experience all in all, fine dining at its best.  (42€ or $56 quite reasonable!)

So, the suggestion is that in overwhelm is great opportunity, to experience things you know not quite, simply by giving a push, an intention, in some direction of a desire.

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A Success Insight – by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

The following is really one of the most amazing insights ever spoken.  Consider the implications of these words in your life as concept and fact.

Virginia Satir to Richard Bandler*
“You know, Richard, most people think the will to survive is the strongest instinct in human beings, but it isn’t.  The strongest instinct is to keep things familiar.”

Think for a moment, then thinking, apply this to making or allowing changes in your life, or someone you know, relative to living “too” safely.

There is nothing wrong with safety.  I certainly appreciate feeling safe.  I have also dived into an oceans black water at midnight to go for a swim, flown airplanes upside down and backwards and will soon add a skydiving license to my adventures.  My point along with my belief that we should all have a healthy ratio between safety and adventure is, no one should be “stuck” holding on to garbage when their life could be a steak and lobster dinner. :-)

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* Credits:  Virginia Satir was a very successful family therapist in the 1970′s and 80′s and my friend.  Richard Bandler worked in Virginia Satir’s office and at some point teamed up with John Grinder and the term NLP (neuro linguistic programming) was coined.  NLP is a very powerful, simple and basic change/transformation body of knowledge.  I took this quote from Richard quoting Virginia in his book, Richard Bandler’s Guide to TRANCE-formation.

Success and the Trap, Additional Bonus – by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

The exercises are not just for “fixing” things.  Use exercises to improve and remodel life’s conditions!

Always go back to the basics for new ways!  If You’ve read this far you are believing that you have some degree of personal power useful in creating your reality.  Some believe total accountability and some others are still playing the parking space game.  No insult intended.  For the most part, we are led to where we are, and we are where we are, for lack of creative thinking.  But that is not the basic for this blog.

The basic for this blog is influencing the subconscious mind.  It likes or loves or prefers symbols, pictures, movies.  This is a way to see through or beyond personal physical reality – the trap.  :-)

So, you, I, come up with an idea of something to be, do or have.  Perhaps be fit.  Perhaps invent something.  Perhaps actually own the house.  So, beginning with a blank screen, black, white, blue, whatever, our imagination goes to work, we start developing our canvas which we will bring to life in a moment.  This canvas can start as a dot, a fuzzy black and white photo which comes into color and 3D depth with movement and sounds.  Doing this is great direction for your subconscious mind.  The subconscious does not know the difference of fact or fiction.  (Have you ever been caught up in a movie with your emotions running wild?  Same thing.)  Your subconscious loves symbols and feelings.

So, develop this movie and step into it.  Then, as if it did not already have life, feel it!  How good can it, would it, does it feel?

Here is clarification analogy with car.  You like a certain car.  You “see” yourself over there in that picture you made sitting in the car.  Now, go the next step, open the door, sit down in it and feel your hands on the wheel.  Wiggle your rear-end, make it real.  Next time out grab the new car smell air freshener.  And next time you sit, close your eyes and think about driving this car, have the scent.  You just involved another of your five senses.  Is the window open, do you have a fan?

This is not a lie, it is you involving your subconscious in your desire.  You are vibing your desire as is your inner self and that “vibe” is the life of it and it must become real.  (Remind me to tell you sometime about songs I have written regarding things I have wanted to experience.  The songs I sang did not have much more than fuzzy pictures and yet the results were dramatic!)  Ultimately, it is the vibration that is important, and harmonic vibrations.  It is what you feel down there near your diaphragm that makes things happen.

The word adjustment just become interesting.  Did you hear it?  Can you sense it?

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