Success and the Trap, Additional Bonus – by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

The exercises are not just for “fixing” things.  Use exercises to improve and remodel life’s conditions!

Always go back to the basics for new ways!  If You’ve read this far you are believing that you have some degree of personal power useful in creating your reality.  Some believe total accountability and some others are still playing the parking space game.  No insult intended.  For the most part, we are led to where we are, and we are where we are, for lack of creative thinking.  But that is not the basic for this blog.

The basic for this blog is influencing the subconscious mind.  It likes or loves or prefers symbols, pictures, movies.  This is a way to see through or beyond personal physical reality – the trap.  :-)

So, you, I, come up with an idea of something to be, do or have.  Perhaps be fit.  Perhaps invent something.  Perhaps actually own the house.  So, beginning with a blank screen, black, white, blue, whatever, our imagination goes to work, we start developing our canvas which we will bring to life in a moment.  This canvas can start as a dot, a fuzzy black and white photo which comes into color and 3D depth with movement and sounds.  Doing this is great direction for your subconscious mind.  The subconscious does not know the difference of fact or fiction.  (Have you ever been caught up in a movie with your emotions running wild?  Same thing.)  Your subconscious loves symbols and feelings.

So, develop this movie and step into it.  Then, as if it did not already have life, feel it!  How good can it, would it, does it feel?

Here is clarification analogy with car.  You like a certain car.  You “see” yourself over there in that picture you made sitting in the car.  Now, go the next step, open the door, sit down in it and feel your hands on the wheel.  Wiggle your rear-end, make it real.  Next time out grab the new car smell air freshener.  And next time you sit, close your eyes and think about driving this car, have the scent.  You just involved another of your five senses.  Is the window open, do you have a fan?

This is not a lie, it is you involving your subconscious in your desire.  You are vibing your desire as is your inner self and that “vibe” is the life of it and it must become real.  (Remind me to tell you sometime about songs I have written regarding things I have wanted to experience.  The songs I sang did not have much more than fuzzy pictures and yet the results were dramatic!)  Ultimately, it is the vibration that is important, and harmonic vibrations.  It is what you feel down there near your diaphragm that makes things happen.

The word adjustment just become interesting.  Did you hear it?  Can you sense it?

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