Success and the Trap, Exercises Bonus – by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

How many times have we heard, there are two kinds of people in the world?  Here’s an interesting pair.  There are two kinds of people in the world, results people and process peopleResults people focus on results, tend to know what they want and tend to get things done.  Process people focus on processes and may or may not know what they want and can get lost in process so their results suffer.

Now advance, in the worlds of processes and results we have levels of laws:

  • Newtonian laws are the laws of motion, action and reaction (Sir Isaac Newton).
  • Quantum physics laws are the laws of cause and effect.  As in the observer causes the effect (Maxwell Plank).
  • Spiritual laws are the laws of Beingness, havingness, doingness (Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tze, Mohammed, et al).  This is the “Unto he who hath it shall be given…, believe that ye have received and it shall be yours,” ways of thinking.

A good question might be, why do you need a process to have and experience that which you desire?  You do not!  ;-)  Are You not good enough?  Must you count beads?  Do you have issues?  Allow me, you are good enough, I know you can count, and your issues are probably lies that feel very real or someone powerful told you are true.  You are all you need to be for success.

No one really needs exercises, NLP, tapping or otherwise.  However, the exercises are fun and NLP (Neurolinguistc Programming) is particularly effective, as is tapping.  The best part is you validating you!  When you take these things up you are making the statements, I am worth it, I am worth more and better, and the best.  I am okay!*

So, then, what are the ways or methods of change?  (By the way remember, the lights are either on or off even when you have a rheostat (dimmer switch), on or off.  After “on” it’s just a matter of how bright, how vivid!  (Ah so, the world is black and white.))

Let’s run an easy high contrast process first.  This could be for the person who has something they hate.  Hate!  Hate!  Hate!  (Who loves clarity when it’s easy?)  So might we determine that the color scheme of this intense condition is vivid?  Perhaps very vivid brights, even animated and noisy?  Let us now be safe in our imagination here and, bring it on!!!  Light this mind movie up, tune in, turn on every sense you have, and bring them to maximum intensity.  Smells?  Taste?  It’s like THX sound in a movie theater.  You can feel it!  Let’s make this just like a movie theater.  You, in a comfortable front row seat with the intense issue (issue = “X”) up there in front on the very large screen.  (Maybe “X” is a spider, a mate, boss, bill collector, or your own bad habit.)

Are you ready to use your imagination?  Let’s begin the exercise.  First, change your seat!  Get up and get yourself to a high seat up in the back of the theater.  Now you are looking down at a more distance presentation.  Your very plush comfortable seat has a handset direct line to the projection nerd.  You pick up the handset, she says hello, you say, “Would you please(!) turn down the sound, reduce the volume?”  You hear, “Of course.”  And the sound is immediately diminished.  So, it is not banging on you but, it still sounds “too good” like THX or BOSE.  You pick up the handset again.  This time you request the sound be flattened, muted, uninteresting.  Now about that 3D super Kodachrome picture?  Handset, “What can I do for you?”  You instruct that the color fade to black and white.  Spend a moment right here.  The color is gone, the sound is flat, this has become uninteresting.

You further exercise your authority and call for the motion to freeze.  Now it is flat, no depth, black and white.  One could squeeze the sides to the center so it is just a vertical line, then shrink the line to a dot then, just let the dot disappear.  Or one could watch the screen fade to black or white.  What is fun with the fade is you can fade back in with a desirable alternative!  Move back down to the front row!  Your image will show up from a mist and as the colors come into focus the sounds clear and the visual auditory harmonic resonates with a magnificent feeling of life somewhere near your diaphragm.  And that, dear reader, is the vibe that creates “reality” in your physical, outer world.

You write the process the way you do, using all the parts and senses you consider valuable.  Write in your mind and on paper!  First, acknowledge the life and power of X, then drain and take away that power by and with your control of the motion, color, sound effects, and lighting.

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* see blog of 24 June 2010, Virginia Satir, I AM OKAY

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