Success and the Trap, Part Four of Four – by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

I am thinking of some real right stuff right now.  Hmm…  I think I know how that would feel.  I do seem to know how that would feel in a very large and complete sense!!!  I don’t know how this can happen.  I only know that it is good.  Very good.

There you go, that’s it!  The secret, the master key!  It seems something like 80% state of beingness, 20% reality.  And this 20 per cent is at least 100 per cent as real as the physical reality most people have been flopping around in all their lives.  You see, when you are deliberate at this, being 100% accountable for reality creation, life is all richer.  Much richer!  The colors are brighter, more vivid, the sounds are richer in tone, more full, and the sensations more delightful.  At least, that is my experience.  Your sense of smell will become more acute, as will tastes.  You will hear music you’ve never heard before.

People who live life as an outside in experience are living a life limited by Newtonian physics and with cause and effect reversed.  People who live life as an inside out experience of course have a Newtonian physical world to play in, however, the new paradigm is one with magic.  It is the higher Quantum Theory reality, proper cause and effect.

Which came first?  The egg or the chicken!  The egg of course.  Essence precedes being.  The idea of the Mercedes preceded the manufacture.  Pretty simple.  :-)   Issac Newton may have had an apple hit him on the head but, the first Mercedes did not fall out of the sky.  We might say the idea did, that was the essence.

So dear reader, what, essentially, can you have good strong feelings about?  Something on your mind?

“I am thinking of some of the right stuff right now.  Hmm… I think I know how that would feel.  I do seem to know…”

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