Success and the Trap, Part One of Four – by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

I am going to have to do a multi-part blog series on this subject.  What do you say we go for four parts?

So, as is too easily evident, we live in a physical world, Newtonian physics with gravity, action, equal and opposite, and other Newtonian what-have-you.

We also have our emotional world and our mental world.

We are not thinking beings who feel, we are feeling beings who think.  The mental emotional coordination taught in My PSPS, Thomas Wakefield’s Practical Sensory Preference Strategies, is what makes life interesting. :-)

So here we are, feeling and we’re not floating away. The enlightened one’s tell us that this creation we are so familiar with is created in our heads and manifest as our outer, physical, reality.  It is true, our thought’s are real and otherwise become our reality… physical reality.

And I am not going to impart this concept here alone!  First let’s enlist Mr. James Allen.  He wrote the book As a Man Thinketh.  And went on to say, “The aphorism, ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so is he,’ not only embraces the whole of a man’s being, but is so comprehensive as to reach out to every condition and circumstance of his life.”

Now, let’s not go breaking out the wine and cheese for inane philosophical discussion just yet.  Let’s just go with inner world and physical reality relativity for the moment.  Who here doubts that their moods and attitude affects their life and surroundings?  You better believe.

This physical world is filled with sensations from a soft baby, a wet woman, a hard man, cold snow, fire hot sand and the purr of a kitten.  The point is we get used to things and preferring comfort to discomfort.  Feeling good is happiness.  Contrast, by the way, the caveat, is what makes this physical world bearable.

So, you may sense, our physical world is quite hypnotic.  Those smells that delight us, like plum blossoms in the Spring.  Reality is also challenging, and we delight in a well hit golf shot (one good one in 110 will keep most in the game).

Of course, good smells and bad smells.  Wonderful challenges and challenges from hell.  Herein decisions are made, or not.  Risk is accessed.  Known pain is judged against unknown pleasure.  And we (!)forget(?) we created it!  It is time to remember.

I like to keep these to 300 – 500 words each.  That is 397.  In part two we will look into our weakness on our way to knowing exactly how to change our reality from bad to good, less than desirable to better, and/or everything more toward ideal.

Your home work – is to contemplate – Why might… the haves, have, and the have-nots, lack?

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