Success and the Trap, Part Three of Four – by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Here’s a thought!  Remember time when you felt like a million dollars, like dancing, like you had to just get out and do something, anything?  Maybe the feeling came from being in love, a promotion, a recommendation.  What is that vibe?  It could include words.  It could also be indescribable!  With or without the words it is a vibe.  It is a vibe, a feeling, a mood, an attitude.  If it were a complete thought, it might be, “I’m ready, I am going, nothing can stop me!  Hell nor high water could not get in the way.

What mattered?  What you were feeling mattered!  What you wanted mattered!  What ever your focus is in that moment, distractions have no chance.

This high vibing state is the state of beingness that gets you beyond what is less than desirable, less than ideal and to the good things.  You are the final say on what is the right stuff for you and the main question to you is: how good can you feel about your right stuff?  Do you perceive here and now how you living your ideal life keeps getting back to your choice, choosing what you like and love?  What you want?  So, what do you want?!  Can You hear, feel, and or see this “success way of being” in these words?

How are you doing?  :-)   How am I doing?

The “trap” is the comfort, or familiarity, of our physical realty.  And remember that sick aspect of known pain or discomfort seeming to be better than an unknown improvement.  WoW!  The trap is also the bad habit of assuming current physical reality is more set, more stuck, than it is.  I know… you can feel it!  And I know… no one told you better!  You should know… it, reality, came, and comes, from your inner feelings and focus.  Your inner feelings mixed with a little decent focus determine your success!  Feelings and focus determine life!

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