Success and the Trap, Part Two of Four – by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

The trap is how real our physical world (known) realities seem to us!  Even as they are only reflections of what is within the individual.  The reason it is referred to as a trap is that we spend so much time and energy reacting and responding to these realities with effort upon effort to change them when all we really want to do is rewrite them.  Creatively rewrite them with the mind and bring them to life with your heart, emotion, and attitudes.

Well so much for needing parts three and four in this series!  (just kidding) ;-)

Our time and energy would be well spent in writing, experiencing, writing more, experiencing more, and more of what we want.  Deliberate choices!  If one loves challenge and struggle, of course write that and experience that.  Some people like horror movies some do not.  (I happen to be an adventure and romance guy.)

What was that?  Another dynamic?  An emotional aspect!?  That’s real too, wouldn’t you say?

This dynamic worth being aware of needs to be touched upon.  Read on and see if it applies to someone you know, more or less.  In part one preceding this, you saw, “The point is we get used to things and preferring comfort to discomfort.”  However, a nasty twist can come into play further enhancing the physical reality trap hindering change.  (Fear)  Too many people prefer known pain over change.  Why should a greater change garner greater resistance?  Nothing in the natural universe works that way.  What are we thinking?  Feeling?

There is a problem with the poor spiritual training we are given in this life.  I know I am not alone in this.  No one told me this stuff!  First, I quote myself, “No one really told us what to pay attention to [for success in life], or how to pay attention.”  Next, I quote my friend Virginia Satir from a comment to Richard Bandler, “You know, Richard, most people think the will to survive is the strongest instinct in human beings, but it isn’t.  The strongest instinct is to keep things familiar.”

This, from one of the most successful family therapists of all time, Virginia Satir, talking to Richard Bandler, founder of NLP.  Virginia, I knew; Richard, I have not met yet.  My point is I know exactly the scope of what she means with this!  How about You?  Get it?

Think of Virginia’s point relative to the trap, relative to you living your ideal life!!!

Familiar may or may not be safe, but let not the story you tell yourself be, familiar is safer, or better or ideal, not while your potential is greater!

For those who have tired of “the” struggle, quit fighting the manifestation of your creation, you are thusly fortifying it.  Instead, reset, reboot, rewrite!  The futility of giving energy to a pest hoping it will go away is like shadow boxing for a win.  The shadow never goes down.

That’s 490.  Thank you for your kind attention, see You next week!

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