The Haves and the Have-nots — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

Who here wants to know why the Haves have, and the Have-nots have not and struggle?

magnetism1The rules in the game are simple.  And the rules of life are the same for everyone.  Equal opportunity?  Yes!  Equal outcome?  Not necessarily.  We will have to admit that the smarter more creative people make better use of these rules or principles.  As do those paying attention.

The greatest and simplest game there is!  :-)

What you will learn is how this game of life works.  The hints of it are many many places, some kind of hidden and some in your face.  As to the rules to the game itself, these are as old and unwavering as since when existence became aware of itself.  “I think.  I think I am.  Therefore I Am… I think.  I know I Am.  At least, I think I must Be.”

That existence is is indisputable.  Do you understand that “nothing” as in “no things” is not possible!

Existence is!

“Life is!  And if Life is, then death isn’t.”  I heard these words from my friend Richard Bach 30 and some years ago.  (He’ll admit we’re acquainted as long as I stay out of trouble.)

Ah, the Haves… yachts, Mercedes, Beamers, private jets (I like the G550), house keepers, tuxedos, evening gowns, country clubs, limousines, linen napkins on the table at home, a fires in the fireplaces, music lessons for the kids, lawn care, shrimp and steak Diane for supper, love all around, fresh sheets on the bed.  Every night?  What do they think about?  What is on their minds as they plan a day or a week?

What is on the minds of the Haves?  What are they expecting and looking for on a day to day basis?  (Time to make a list – or two!)  Another list is what might be their attitudes, basic and consummate?  Now, you can not but help ask yourself, “Why does Wakefield want me to make this list?”

The answer is, because it is a very useful exercise.  Let’s spend this and the next four weeks with this Haves thing in an effort to turbo-up the rest of your life.

This week a “The Haves” focus.  Next week a dip into Have-not with an intro to the punchline, as it were.  Followed by “how to” exploration and expansion.  My intention is to set you up to hit a home run, so that you will have more fun with the rest of your life than you ever thought possible!  How about it?  TW

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