The Haves and the Have-nots II — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Okay!  Who here has it figured out?  The “it” is this game of life and living “it” your way.

Do the Have-nots have any less power in focus and feeling than The Haves?  No not really.

Fork-In-RoadRemember from last time, equal opportunity is a, “Yes!”Outcome, however, equates to how one handles opportunity.  The Have-nots are not as practiced in power, potential, creativity and such as the Haves.  Oh, all that is available to them if they would just believe and begin with baby steps.

Two things we must here define, opportunity and handle.  First an opportunity is anything that comes to your attention as desirable.  And that includes desirable to resolve or desirable to include in your life.  Meaning desirable to be, or do, or have, or experience.  Secondly, handle is the operative word.  You “handle” manifesting your goals and desires by coordinating feeling and focus.  Coordinating means use both feelings and focus.

So, first know the desirable result!  Second is to give the desired thing consideration and attention with focus and attitude, lots of attitude.  Third is feel what you would feels as if it were where you want it now.  How does it fit?  Can you touch it?  Does it feel good to touch?  What does it feel like, to your touch?

Now, what does your fulfillment meter read?  That’s that sensation in your heart. :-)  Can you share with friends and family?  What’s that like?  How big is your smile? (Now, rewrite the preceding paragraph as a checklist!)

Your opportunity is to focus on and feel great about what you desire exclusive of any critical question. Exclusive of, “Do I deserve it?  Can it happen?”  You are only allowed supportive questions like, “How good does this feel to be, or do, or have?!!!  How long do I want to keep my experience fresh? :-)

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