The Haves and the Have-nots III — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Samurai MeditationThis game of life is the simplest game!  EVER!
(If you let it be simple.)

The hard part seems to be the what you want part.  If you do not know what you want, who knows what will show up in your life.  If you have arguments with yourself, where’re you gonna go?  We all spend much of our days running our compare classify formulas.  We compare this and that and classify anything we can.  Park the idle judgmentalism and apply your attention to what you say is the right stuff for you, know your desires.  Stay focused on your desires, your game.  If you want to win, game is good!  This game requires style points.  Know what I mean?

Rise and raise again your baseline expectations.  Most people who are stuck got used to things and forgot how big.  The bane of growing up is getting used to things and loosing freshness.  Journal your successes and your delights.  Review your journal to keep the successes fresh and your mood vibe up.  Baseline expectations are very powerful! :-)

Now concluding this segment, if this whole “I are actually in control of My own life” notion calls to you, somehow feels right, you want to live it!  Pay attention to things like a samurai does.  When looking left and right at an intersection, take an instant, but really look, notice, what is the background, to the left to the right.  Look at everything as if it may have meaning for you.

You might want to start paying more attention to things out around you and inside you, perhaps your attitudes, like a samurai!

By the way, making the lists asked for in the first segment puts you well on your way to vibe change.  The idea is to get the mood up, to get the mood and attitude up and into luxury, fulfillment, delight.  Things that make you feel good, things desirable to you!  If you missed that make the list exercise, get back there and do it.

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