There is No New Man — by Thomas Wakefield

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Lucky in Pencils“Man will always be man, there is no new man.
We tried so hard to create a society that was equal,
where there’d be nothing to envy your neighbor.

“But there is always something to envy,
a smile, a friendship,
something we don’t have and want to appropriate.

“In this world, even the Soviet one,
there will always be rich and poor.
Rich in gifts, poor in gifts,
rich in love, poor in love.”

Danilov’s speech, Stalingrad, December 1942, Man Will Always Be Man

Which of each below is your slant?  What are your base vibes?  What will you make of your life? :-)

  • Rich in spirit, poor in spirit
  • Rich in vocabulary, poor in vocabulary
  • Rich in appreciation, poor in appreciation
  • Rich in creativity, poor in creativity
  • Rich in excellence, poor in excellence
  • Rich in eloquence, poor in eloquence
  • Rich in listening, poor in listening
  • Rich in seeing solutions, poor in seeing solutions
  • Rich in perceiving value, poor in perceiving value
  • Rich in cleanliness, poor in cleanliness
  • Rich in compassion, poor in compassion
  • Rich in patience, poor in patience
  • Rich in health, poor in health
  • Rich in tolerance, poor in tolerance
  • Rich in manners, poor in manners in tolerance
  • Rich in talent, poor in talent
  • Rich in focus, poor in focus

Of course we can find the people well met and not so well met on either side of the political spectrum!  Yet, speaking generally, the rich in spirit are for the most part on the conservative side and the poor in spirit are for the most part on the progressive/liberal side.  One side has something to sell while the Lib side has little to nothing to sell and operates on an assault strategy.  Perhaps this helps understanding why the Haves have and the Have-not have not.  So much in my life comes from my base vibe, my basic attitudes.

The individual’s success or salvation, as it were, is in knowing he and she each does create their own living reality, one of failure or fulfillment, from within.  Make your own experience in this life deliberately rather than under the constant influence of the noisy ones.  Read everything you can find on the “as a man thinketh” concept and philosophy.  A good place to begin is in the book The Objective is Happiness, A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO PERSONAL SUCCESS!

This blog inspired by Danilov’s, Man Will Always Be Man, speech from Enemy at the Gates*.  The setting is, the Russians were fighting to stop the Hitler war machine from taking over Stalingrad in 1942.  The top Russian sniper is Vassili Zaitsev.  Danilov, knowing he, Danilov, will soon die, is talking to Vassaili.

*Enemy at the Gates, PARAMOUNT PICTURES and MANDALAY PICTURES, starring Jude Law, Ed Harris, Rachael Weisz.  *****

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