Time to Celebrate a Relationship

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Help Me celebrate a relationship. :-)

Here is a Saturday morning in December 2010 and I am sitting by My very good friend Gaanuu.  Heavy snow is falling, His favorite kind of day!  He and I first met in the summer of 2005 and He became My dog in September of 2006.  We always got along well.  He is My first personal dog. His first home was the family ranch with Me.  The living situation was Michael, Gaanuu, all the chickens, the peacocks and I and lots of room. That was Our first Christmas.  When I came to visit You He would stay with Cindy the massage lady and Her dog, Daisy.  Gaanuu and I went often to Lake Independence where He could run in the water while I walked on the beach.  Mr Gaanuu liked water and He liked snow.  I think snow is His favorite thing.  Just last night He was out enjoying laying in the snow.  I think He knew what was coming while I did not.

2007 We all moved to the Saint Cloud house.  The Saint Cloud house was a good situation.  We had two Christmases there.  We found new dog parks to run in and the drive to the city was longer so Mr. Gaanuu had more “wind face”.  At the Saint Cloud house baby peacocks were born.  And chickens and cats.  The horses moved in there and the whole animal family was together.  He figured out that that place was His. He stayed out late, patrolled all the time and barked to keep the coyotes away.  I know He enjoyed barking and He never did enough of it.

The Bradford house was a good situation while it lasted.  Gaanuu had all His animal buddies and particularly Michael and Mick.  Gaanuu did a good job protecting the place.  We had one Christmas in the Bradford house.  Of course We have been out walking many times every day.  And back in the good weather We visited the family ranch many days every week.  Just the other day, Thursday, He was running and wagging His tail and smiling.  He ate chicken last night, one of His favorites.

The main thing to say is He has always been My good friend, who did not quite bark enough.  Mr. Gaanuu was incredibly intelligent.  He was a happy guy and He went with Me nearly everywhere.  He loved to have His head out the window and feel wind on HIs face.  I am amazed to think of the places Gaanuu and I went together.  He has more miles on Him than most dogs.  Gaanuu flew with Me in airplanes.  He sat in the back seat with the seat belt hooked to His collar.  He was on many sail boat rides with Me.  I remember His first time on a floating dock.  A strange situation but He figured it out just fine. Gaanuu even went along on sailboat lessons when I was instructing.  He would come with Me to the haircut salon and walk around and say Hi to people and sometimes walk out on to the sidewalk and look around Wayzata.

I must mention that Gaanuu knew every hamburger place.  We even made special stops for Him to get burgers when I ate tacos.  He knew what going to McDonalds, Wendys, White Castle and Burger King all meant.

This is a sad surprise to wake up to Him having labored breathing.  When I looked at Him I knew there was nothing to be done so I was just stayed with Him and talked to Him and told Him what a good boy He is.  This is My very good friend.  He made My life better.  I wish You would have met Him.  Gaanuu died at 7 a.m. Saturday morning, December 11, 2010.  He made it to 70 years of dog age.  I am going to miss Gaanuu very much.  He and I had four Christmases together.  He was always well met!

Your friend,

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