Understanding the Field — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

Quantum SwooshFirst of all you need not understand the Field or the Force to participate in it or get results any more than you should understand electricity to turn on a light.  The loud energies seem powerful, the more subtle energies reach farther. :-)

There it is, yes, there are some things worth being aware of.  The Field just is and the Force just delivers.  Then we have the human factor. %-}  Human beings can rationalize and justify and therefore confuse anything.

Process and the path and the journey are all wonderful and what we seem to want mostly is the result and the experience of the result.  There will always be more!  How could journeys be anything but infinite?

When life comes to love we say we are more interested in experiencing love than how we got to it.  Yes, the stories of getting there can be grand but do you want those or prefer the stories and experience of being in it?

When life comes to building a house some people revel in every aspect of the construction and that experience is as important as living in it, too.

Interestingly enough to get there you have to be there!  When you are in the experience of your desire, what you desire happens, is happening.

The basic science electro magnetic aspect of this field and force is not necessary to your successful perception of feeling the now of your desired situation.  That vibe… that – what is the feeling of the thing accomplished – right now feeling is the primary result getter.

So, again, what do you want?  How good can you feel about it?

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