War with Distractions — by Thomas Wakefield

Saturday, December 28th, 2013

You get what You what…(?!) …when You what?

Fresh AirIt was a dark and stormy night!

I was frustrated to the max.

The problem was interruptions and an abundance of distractions.  So, putting on my Alexander the Great helmut, I decided to go to war with distractions.  I was seriously intent on kicking some… you choose!  Many of the battles were fun and many rewarding.  Then one day, after nearly two years of this, I had a moment of awareness. The supply of distractions is endless!  I was getting what my attention was on in grand and impressive supply.

Then, in a moment, after months and months of battle, I experienced a moment of awakening.  Ah ha!  !!! And in this state of arousal I instantly took my mind to, “Whoa, what do I prefer?”  What’s the better idea?  What is ideal?  What are my preferences?  Right now!  Perhaps I should go to some kind of war with them?

Or, just feed this other choice by considering and reconsidering the desired fruits.  I go with the second. :-)

The thinking person’s law of attraction?

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