What About all My Blocks?!!! – Cybernetic Transposition?

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Dear God!  I have received another email from Joe Vitale and it is about the problem of root blocks blocking My success with law of attraction or whatever and how to get rid of them again.  Again!  And “Oh!  My God!”, another invention in the clever use of vocabulary!!!  Are You ready?  “Cybernetic Transposition”

People do not have blocks!  That’s the lie. You are created in the image of God.  Does God have blocks?  I don’t think so!  However, One may conduct their life based on lies.  So, while, yes, there is an argument for blocks, and many are going to tell Me I am out of My mind, I ask You why would a person want to argue for limitations?  I must go to The Messiah’s Handbook by Richard Bach and company once again for a quote, “Argue for Your limitations and they are yours.”  Please read on!

What if there is only one universal block?  And it is not really a block, it’s just the wrong paradigm.

That block being – bad perspective.  And more precisely, bad use of perception

Jesus said believe that Ye have received and it shall be Yours.  We are supposed to feel and picture “it” done!  Have Your focus and emotions in and on the desirable now.  The “desirable now”!

I am believing that when things do not happen as people wish, they start looking for the reasons why, the blocks, the short-comings, the psychological problems, the old baggage, limiting beliefs, the character flaws and You name it.  These are all the wrong reasons.  And bad focus!

Let’s take a moment for that analysis.  When one is looking for these “reasons” where is their focus and what is and how much is the emotion funding Your research?

Bad focus!  Bad energy management!  Bad idea!

Want a good idea?  Research, consider, contemplate, meditate on ideal situations.  Get some productive focus and have some good attitude.  What is the right stuff for You?  And reread chapter 8, State of Mind & Awe in The Objective is Happiness, A Practical Guide to Personal Success.

  • Darla:  “Alfalfa, will you swing me before lunch?”
  • Alfalfa:  “Sure Darla.”
  • Spanky:  “Say Romeo, what happened to your promise to the he-man woman hater’s club?”
  • Alfalfa:  “I’m sorry Spanky, I have to live my own life.”*

“You are free to choose your state of mind.” — The Objective is Happiness, by Thomas Wakefield

* from Spanky and Our Gang, Hal Roach Productions, 1922, currently MGM

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